Thank You Students

Earlier this summer friends of ours shared the story of a family impacted by child loss. Every time we hear a story like this, our hearts break all over again. For the child, the siblings, the parents, family, friends… the impact of child loss cannot be grasped until you’ve been touched in one way or another. So we did what we do, and we sent a package to the family. Often, that’s where our connection to the family ends. But not this time.

The mom who received our package reached out to me in coming weeks, and shared that she is a teacher at a local elementary school. Her school’s community wanted to dedicate this year’s “Coins for Caring” to an in-the-works scholarship being set up for her own daughter who passed away. But with so much going on in the immediate days, weeks, and months after losing her own daughter, she chose to selflessly redirect the school to our organization.

As a result, this year we were the proud recipient of the funds raised by students in a school wide competition to raise the most money through coin collection.

Thank you students, for helping us making a difference!

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