Three Years Ago

3 years ago today Olivia died... which is mind boggling in so many ways. Some days it feels like a lifetime ago, but most days it still feels like just yesterday. Because I can remember so much about that final week.


Two Years Ago

This month marks two years since Olivia was born. April 24, 2016. Two whole years. If I'm being honest, I don't spend much time debating with myself as to whether it feels like yesterday, or like a lifetime ago.

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Thank You Students

We are so grateful for the students, faculty, and community of Cumberland Head Elementary School for their generous donation to The Pink Zebra Club.


Olivia’s 1st Birthday Donations

Thank you to everyone who made donations to The Pink Zebra Club during the month of April, and to those who purchased items directly from Olivia's 1st Birthday Wish List! With your help, we delivered an entire trunk filled with boxes to the NICU.

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