Olivia’s 2nd Birthday Donations

When we first created The Pink Zebra Club after Olivia died, we set the goal of donating to the NICU a few times a year. We thought making a donation each year on her birthday would be fitting, and it would allow us to spend intentional time parenting her, even after death. We don’t have birthday parties to plan for Olivia, and have no need to buy her gifts, clothes, toys. So by donating physical items to the NICU each year we have the opportunity to browse, shop, and buy items that remind us of Olivia. We’re able to remember the cute clothes we dressed her in. We remember how much she loved her crib toys… How excited she was when Child Life delivered a new musical mobile on the day of her 2nd birthday.

Last year we donated toys and clothes to the NICU on her 1st birthday, and opted for more even more toys, clothes, and few larger items like swings during the holiday season.

This year, as we approach her 2nd birthday, I’ve rounded up all sorts of new baby clothes for both boys and girls.

We’ll be donating these items to the NICU on her birthday, but stay tuned for another update in early May. This year we’ve decided to do something special for Mother’s Day as well, since it falls just after Olivia’s birthday.

Until next time.

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