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Through NICU stays and infant loss

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Families at a time of great need

The Pink Zebra Club supports the families of children with critical medical needs and rare disease. We support families during long term NICU stays, through the often long diagnosis process, and after infant loss. Each year we partner with local hospitals in Rochester, NY, and our initiatives directly support families across the entire country.

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"I cannot tell you how much your gift bag meant to me when I received it. It was a night I needed it... when I was feeling down and feeling like I could not take one more day. Your package gave me that little extra pick me up to get me back to where I needed to be."
NICU Mom Sheena

Our story

We created The Pink Zebra Club shortly after the death of our first daughter, as a way to recognize and support other families like ours: those with children with critical medical needs, experiencing long term NICU stays, and those who are newly bereaved. We broadened our mission and vision to include a focus on undiagnosed rare disease three years later, when our son died from the same disease.

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

- Mother Theresa

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Three Years Ago

3 years ago today Olivia died... which is mind boggling in so many ways. Some days it feels like a lifetime ago, but most days it still feels like just yesterday. Because I can remember so much about that final week.

Two Years Ago

This month marks two years since Olivia was born. April 24, 2016. Two whole years. If I'm being honest, I don't spend much time debating with myself as to whether it feels like yesterday, or like a lifetime ago.

Each year our initiatives reach families across the country. Learn more about the unique ways we support parents and families, and what you can to do help.